White County Coroner Chris Marsh has issued his year-end report for 2020 and it reflects 182 deaths for the year. 

Coroner Marsh notes there were 168 natural deaths from sickness, illness or disease during 2020, 6 accidental deaths, 7 suicide deaths and one homicide death.

The White County Coroner’s office completed 49 investigations where the coroner, deputy coroner or both arrived on the scene and conducted a death investigation. Of those 49 investigations, 33 were natural deaths where the person died at home, unattended by a doctor or hospice care. These victims wee found by family members, neighbors, care givers or through welfare checks conducted by police at the request of someone.

Coroner Marsh adds that of the 49 investigations, two were nursing home residents where no family members were able to be located. Within the 49 investigations, six were accidental, four were traffic crashes, one was an ATV accident and one was an accidental asphyxiation.

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