With almost 1,500 people in attendance, the Baptist Children’s Home Fall Festival was a site to see.

September 21 was the twentieth annual Baptist Children’s Home Fall Festival, in Carmi, and the huge event brought many individuals from all over Southern Illinois together. Brian Harland, the Multimedia Marketing Specialist at the Baptist Children’s Home, was able to give some insight on the event. There were fifty-eight booths, a quilt auction, horseback riding and many more fun filled activities for all ages to enjoy. For many years the Baptist Children’s Home has put a lot of hard work and dedication into making the Fall Festival a big success. Harland stated, “We take great pride in this event and work hard to make sure it’s enjoyable for everyone that steps foot on campus, from guests to volunteers to booth operators.” 

Since this was a big year for the Fall Festival, Harland and the other members of the Baptist Children’s Home decided that they should add a little more to the full day of activities. “We introduced a fun scavenger hunt to encourage guests to not just attend, but to interact with our ministries.” Along with the added scavenger hunt, they chose to auction off one of their quilts on their Facebook page, to pull in a wider audience who might not be able to attend the event.

The Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services was founded in 1918 as a home for orphaned children at the end of World War I. Since then, the Children’s Home has transformed into a multi-ministry organization that helps children and families in need. Harland described the intent of the Children’s Home, “Our goal is to utilize one of our four ministries to provide hope and healing to everyone in need.” Angel’s Cove Maternity Center, Baptist Children’s Home, Pathways Counseling and Faith Adoptions are the four ministries that help families all over Southern Illinois. 

For over twenty years, the Baptist Children’s Home has held their Fall Festival to invite people onto their campus and show them who they are. Harland explained, “The original organizers wanted to give back to the community that supports us and invite people into our home. We wouldn’t be very good hosts if we invited you into our home and didn’t offer you some free food and fun to go along with it.”