The former foreman of the City of Carmi light plant has been sentenced to a term of first-offender  probation and community service for using a municipal credit card account to buy items for his home.  In White County Circuit Court October 9, Keaton Bradshaw, 32 of Carmi was ordered to complete two years in the state's Offender Initiative Program, pay a $7,500 fine and complete 350 hours of community service.  Under the Offender Initiative Program, the charges are put on hold for at least a year while the defendant participates in certain conditions, that if successfully completed, would result in a dismissal of the charges.  As part of the program, offenders must abstain from violating any laws while in the program, including traffic offenses, as well as refrain from using drugs or possessing a weapon.  If all of the conditions are met, the charges will be dismissed. 

On August 1, 2019, Bradshaw was arrested and formally charged with theft over $500 but less than $10,000 – a class-3 felony.  A Carmi City Police investigation into Bradshaw's actions revealed he used the City's Amazon credit card to buy sprayers, drills, a camera system and table saw components for his own personal use.  Carmi City Police Chief Jason Carter stated that the items were shipped directly to Bradshaw's home.  Chief Carter added that when Bradshaw learned he was under investigation, he began bringing the items in question back to the city light plant. The camera system had already been installed in Bradshaw's home, police said.

During the October 9 court appearance, it was noted that Bradshaw's crime did not amount to a violent offense with his defense attorney asking that he be allowed to hunt so long as his firearm owner's identification (FOID) card was not revoked by the Illinois State Police. That determination can only be made by the Illinois State Police, Bradshaw was told by the court. In most circumstances, an offender with a felony conviction is not permitted to possess a firearm. 

Court records show the judge ordered Bradshaw to pay a total of $8,910 in fines, fees, court costs and other assessments as part of his sentence.  The total  included a $7,500 fine, plus a $600 probation fee and various costs related to the disposition of the case.  The $2,000 bond that Bradshaw posted after his arrest has been applied to the court ordered fines and fees.  A review date in White County Circuit Court has been set for February 5, 2020.

Due to a number of conflicts, White County State's Attorney Denton Aud asked that a special prosecutor handle Bradshaw's case.   Attorney Ralph E. Fowler, II of the State's Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor's Office prosecuted the case.  Leticia B. Wiggins of McLeansboro served as Bradshaw's defense attorney.