Subway will be revamping their look soon thanks to a TIF agreement approved by the City Council. 

Holly Healy, the Economic Developer, told the board at their meeting on September 3 that the project would cost $630,000 to rebuild Subway and to redo the parking lot, and that they will also be working with a local contractor, Josh Harms of Harms Construction. Josh Harms was present for the meeting to answer any questions that the board had, and made sure to indicate that the trash dumpster will be located on the back side of the building on Renshaw, and that it will be inclosed with, “a wooden privacy fence or a metal fence with slacks in it so you can’t see through it.” 

Don Davis, the Chief Operator for the City of Carmi, was nominated for an award for “The Outstanding Operator of the Year”, which will be presented by the Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators during their conference on April 20-22, 2020. He is one out of four nominated statewide.

Members of the community have been taking to social media, preferably Facebook, to complain about their electricity bill and Mayor Pollard is wanting to put the facts out there for his citizens. He started off by describing the details about the electric bill, “it doesn’t have anything to do with the city raising the rates or gauging or anything like that.” The electric is billed a month behind, and July was the hottest month of the year, so residents will most likely have their air conditioner set to a very cool temperature and also have their ceiling fans running which will raise the cost of their bill.

Pollard also discussed the budgets for the electricity bills. Some residents are on a budget for their monthly bill to help them financially, but the budget price moves up and down depending on how much they have used. The bill will be high during the summer season because there will be more use of air conditioners and fans, unlike the winter season where the bill will be less because of the air conditioner and other factors being off. The Mayor also added another cause that individuals are not realizing, “the electric bill isn’t just electric, it’s your electric, your water, your sewer and it’s your trash pick up.”

At the previous meeting, held in August, where a resident was complaining about the upkeep that his neighborhood needed, Mayor Pollard made it clear that, “legally we don’t have the right to go on private property, tear down, clean up, close doors or whatever. That’s the responsibility of the property owner. So if you have any issues, anything you want to talk about, you need to call the office and ask for it to be on the agenda and we will be more than happy to put it on there to discuss.”

Mayor Pollard concluded his reports by thanking Don Ridenour for starting the process of cleaning up the property by the one room school house. 

The board moved to approve the bid for the unused Case IH C 100 tractor at Burrells Woods that was used to bush hog. Pollard let the board know that he, along with others, found a tractor to rent for the next three months to finish the season.

The meeting concluded with Mayor Pollard saying that the Halloween campout at Burrells Woods will be held on October 18 and 19. If anyone has any questions they can call Cynthia at 618-384-2001 or email her at  HYPERLINK ""