Carmi Manor has been fined from the Illinois Department of Public Health for an incident involving a resident with sexually aggressive behavior abusing other residents.

According to a report released by IDPH, a faculty member failed to prevent resident to resident abuse and provide protection from a resident with a history of sexually aggressive behavior. Staff at the facility were unable to provide evidence that allegations of abuse were thoroughly investigated. 

In the report, it is noted that the individual has a long history of mental illness with a current diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, dementia, generalized anxiety disorder, violent behavior and psychoactive substance dependence.

Multiple instances were recorded in the report about the individual, ranging from June 2019 until August 2019. 

The report indicates that, on June 26, a female resident was heard screaming, and a nurse immediately responded. The nurse noticed that the male resident was behind a curtain with the screaming female. The woman told the nurse that he had his hands on her and was verbally threatening to kill her. The nurse checked on the female to make sure she was all right, then proceeded to ask the male resident to leave. 

Within the report, the Director of Nurses said that neither she nor the Administrator were notified of the incident; therefore, it was not investigated, but an officer was alerted, and no charges were made. 

On July 21. A female resident, who was not named, recounted the matter in the report. She stated that she was sitting on her bed, and the resident came out of her bathroom, pushed her back onto the bed, and tried to kiss her, and she yelled for a nurse. The Director of Nurses stated that the incident was not investigated, and the police were not notified.

Another occurrence arose in August. According to a statement given in the report by a Licensed Practical Nurse said that she heard a female resident was upset and crying because the male grabbed her breast and stated he wanted to kill her. The LPN called the police, with the female resident wanting to press charges. 

Contact was made with Henry McGill at the Carmi Manor after the report became public.

"No one was hurt and the public health was in here, and we did exactly what we were told. It was fixed and corrected in six hours. In any situation, we investigate immediately," said McGill.

When asked if the male resident was still living in Carmi Manor, McGill answered, "No. He left on Aug. 27 and a staff member who failed to report incidents also left."