Women came from all over Illinois to attend the Carmi Rifle Club’s annual NRA Women On Target shooting event.  The day long shooting clinic began with an orientation session which included firearm safety training, range safety training, and instruction on the basic fundamentals of marksmanship.  The morning was divided between trapshooting with 20 guage, 12 gauge,.410 shotguns and indoor target shooting with .22 caliber handguns.

A picnic lunch was provided for the attendees and a smorgasbord of guns was available for the ladies to shoot in the afternoon.  Club members provided: .22 LR rifles/pistols, .380 handguns, 9mm pistol, .38 Special pistols, .45 ACP pistols, a wide variety of .22 rifles, .30 Carbine rifle, AR-15 Rifles, and AK-47 semi-automatic Rifles.  Each gun had an instructor assigned to it for instruction and safety.  The ladies also enjoyed trying their skills at shooting the steel challenge.

Carmi Rifle Club, in conjunction with a grant from the Friends of the NRA, supplied the ammunition and club members supplied all the firearms for the day.  The club offers a special thank you to the volunteers who supervised the firing line:   Mike Rowe, Steve Griffin, Jay Armstrong, Dawn Williams, William Hunt, Greg Webb, David Johnson, Sheryl Woodham, Chris Armstrong, and Women On Target coordinator Valinda Rowe.  An extra big thank you to club members Dawn Williams and Christina Armstrong for also preparing the lunch.

The Carmi Rifle Club will be hosting a Brownell’s NRA Day event on June 1st which will feature the same activities for men, women, and youths (9 years of age and older).  Anyone wanting more information about the event may contact Valinda Rowe at vrowe@mvrowe.com, 618-963-2788.

Community events open to the public are posted on the Carmi Rifle Club website www.CarmiRifleClub.com and on the Carmi Rifle Club facebook page.