Carmi Rifle Club, a not-for-profit organization, will be offering its fall 16 hour concealed carry class on November 2 and 9. 16 hours of training is required by law for the Illinois license. The club will host the Day 1 class, which covers firearms and marksmanship on November 2. The day 2 class, which covers the legal portion of the concealed carry law, is scheduled for Saturday, November 9. Classroom portion will be conducted at the White County Farm Bureau Building with range training and qualification at the Carmi Rifle Club. Instructors will be Illinois State Police registered concealed carry instructors, Mike and Valinda Rowe. 

Students who have up to 8 hours of acceptable prior training, which can be credited toward the 16 total hours, may register for the November 9 class without attending the first day class. Acceptable prior training would include an honorable military discharge or NRA Basic Pistol certificate, or a combination of Illinois Hunter Safety certificate along with a Utah concealed carry license. Other training might qualify but would have to be confirmed prior to registration. 

Hours for both classes will be 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. Fee for each day and class is $115. Pre-registration is required.

Concealed Carry Renewal Class will be on November 9. The Illinois concealed carry licenses must be renewed every 5 years and require a renewal certificate of training. The Carmi Rifle Club will be offering the renewal course on Saturday, November 9 from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. The classroom portion of the course will be held at the White County Farm Bureau Building at 304 East Robinson Street, Carmi, Illinois. 

Live-fire qualification will be conducted at the Carmi Rifle Club range and scheduled later in the afternoon. Course conducted by the Illinois State Police registered instructors, Mike and Valinda Rowe.

This course fulfills the renewal training requirements for the Illinois Concealed Carry License.

Firearms and ammunition will be supplied at a fee of $50.

To reserve a seat in the classes or for more information, contact Valinda Rowe at 618-963-2788 or email at