By Len Wells


The number of laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections in White County declined significantly in the past week. However, the number of deaths from the virus has gone up. 

According to figures from the Egyptian Public Health Department, White County recorded 101 lab confirmed cases from September 14 – 20. Confirmed cases the previous week totaled 188. 

On September 17, one death was recorded in White County and another in Gallatin County.  One Saline County death was recorded September 16 with another white County death on September 13.  

In the three county region served by the Egyptian Health Department (White, Saline and Gallatin), there were 332 new cases reported from September 14 – 20.

The number of younger individuals contracting the virus continues to rise.  During Monday night’s Carmi-White County School Board meeting, officials listed the number of confirmed COVID-19 infections within the district by age...

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