The Carmi White County High School Maroon Platoon and Student Council will be presenting the 2021-2022 Homecoming parade this Friday, October 1 starting at 1 pm. The parade will begin along 9th Street at the rear of the Carmi High School.

Carmi Police Chief Jason Carter has outlined the parade route. From the high school, the parade will continue down 9th to the alley past CarQuest then turn west towards 10th street. The parade will then turn south onto 10th street and continue around Lincoln School to Fair Street. It will then turn north onto Fair Street and continue down 11th Street to Oak Street. At Oak Street, the parade will turn east and continue down Oak to 3rd Street and turn north onto 3rd street with an immediate turn onto Cherry Street. From there, theĀ  parade will continue down Cherry Street to Walnut Street where it will turn west onto Main Street and past Washington School to Plum Street where it will turn south onto Plum and continue past Carmi Manor to Bohleber Drive, turning right onto Ableson Drive to the back side of Wabash Christian Village, around the Heritage Apartments to College Blvd. The parade will then turn north onto College Blvd. To Main Street turn east onto Main Street to 7th Street. They will turn north...

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