Dave Hall, a trustee member on the Township board, turned in his resignation on August 22 due to "other conflicting obligations." 

In Dave Hall’s letter, he stated that,“It’s been an honor and a privilege to have been elected to serve the citizens of Carmi Township and to have worked with you these past years. I feel that it is in my best interest to go ahead and resign from this position as trustee, it’s the best decision and I would like to thank the Township for the opportunity.” The board has 60 days to fill the Democratic position and are welcoming any nominations. His resignation was approved by all members of the board.

Moving right along on the agenda for their September 10 meeting, Road Commissioner Chris McEwing informed the board that the Case tractor is, “about dead in the water.” The board would have to spend $6,000 to fix the tractor, and that is only an estimation. McEwing was positive that the smart and most cost efficient way to deal with the tractor is leasing one through John Deere. “The way I figured it, you can get it for 350 hours and it comes out to about $6,400 a year. Which is pretty good, because it’s under warranty the whole year. The only thing we would be responsible for is tires and fuel. I can’t really see a better way to go than this.” A new John Deere tractor would cost $95,000, and leasing one would be a lot less but it can only be used for 350 hours a year. The board tabled the decision and will bring it up again at next months meeting.

The General and Emergency Assistance for the month of August had 32 sign ins. The Township gave out six emergency grants totaling in $2,000. Four were for electric and two were for rent. 

Pam Deig, the Township Supervisor, went over the fund balance report for the month of August, with total expenses of $36,629.87, total income of $3,623.03 and the total fund balance was $2,103,471.58.

In other news, the landscaping project in front of the Township building is almost completed. Deig  gave a big thank you to all the trustees for doing such a great job with pulling out the old shrubs and cleaning up the old rock. With their help it saved the Township $900, leaving only $1,950 for Hargrave’s Mums and More to complete the landscaping.

Lastly, the fall cemetery trusting meeting is September 26 at 9 am.

The meeting adjourned and will meet next month on October 8.