Despite many challenges, Elastec had a good 2020, including the acquisition of the Jenson Lake Mower, pictured here.

While 2020 was a difficult year, officials with Carmi-based Elastec say they are proud of their employees for their dedication and hard work and look forward to 2021.

Elastec reported a number of bright spots in 2020, including the recent acquisition of the Jensen Lake Mower. The device is a sickle lake week cutter that enables the user to handle lake weed removal as easily as mowing your lawn. 

Invented in 1994 by Ben Jensen and developed by Dr. Johan Gervais, the Lake Mower has been manufactured by the Gervais family and gained a reputation as the top aquatic weed harvesting tool on the consumer market.

“We've been selling the Lake Mower as an attachment to our boats for years, so we can see first-hand the quality workmanship that goes into them,” said Elastec CEO Jeff Bohleber. “While placing an order, we learned that they were considering selling the business and it immediately piqued out interest.”

After a few months of meetings and negotiations, Elastec acquired the business. Elastec will assume all sales, manufacturing and distribution of the Lake Mower. 

Elastec has primarily been known for manufacturing oil spill response equipment, but over the pat few years, the company has been expanding into waterway maintenance. This includes products for containing floating plastics, trash and debris, invasive weeds and other pollutants that threaten natural resources. 

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