Dana Smith is an Enfield resident and now the new Enfield Village Board Trustee.

With the resignation of Jeanie Palmiter, Mayor Harbour put in his choice to fill the position. With no objections, Smith was sworn in by Village Clerk Debbie Stone at the September 17 meeting.

Board trustee Jim Fechtig introduced the idea on the sale of marijuana within the village. Fechtig discussed both the positive and negative aspects on the subject. After some discussion, it was agreed that the board would take no action at this time. Each member was told to do their “homework” on the issue before making a decision.

In the utilities report, the annual Fall clean-up date was set for October 26, from 7:00 am until 11:00 am for current paying utility customers. For any questions, call the village office during their business hours.

Terry Harrison, a board trustee, made a motion to close East Prairie Street beginning at Plum Street and reaching the railroad tracks as requested by Chris Williams, Tom Grunloh and John Schofield. The board approved the closure, with ownership of the area reverting back to Williams, Grunloh and Schofield. All parties involved will be responsible for legal fees and paperwork will be completed prior to ownership.

Harrison let the board know that he received a quote from White County Ford for a new Ford Ranger, in the amount of around $24,000. The board discussed whether or not they should purchase a used truck rather than a new truck. They decided that Mayor Harbour and Utilities Superintendent Steve Bishop gather quotes from Absher Auto Center in Carmi, and to offer no more than $4,500.

In new business, the Mule Day Association asked for their annual donation of $200 to purchase a banner and sponsor the queen contest. With that, Jim Bolin motioned to purchase a Thanksgiving turkey and a Christmas ham for the employees at the Wonder Market. The board approved unanimously for both.

The Village of Enfield accepted a bid for the annual account services for the Fiscal Year 2020 Audit be awarded to Caitlin M. Keepes, CPA, for the price of $9,500.  

Diebold offered to replace the intercom system at the drive-thru window at the Village building for $2,054. The bid was tabled so the board could get estimates at a lower cost.

Due to a change in work schedule, Jim Bolin asked the board if meetings could begin at 7:00 pm beginning in October and remaining until the end of the year. Trustee Mary Dormer motioned for the change, with the rest agreeing. 

With the approval of the minutes, treasurer’s report, bills, Annual Tax Levy Ordinance of the Village of Enfield and the Ordinance Establishing Prevailing Wage for the Village of Enfield, the meeting adjourned. Their next meeting will be on October 15.