Students and staff had been preparing all week to showcase a tradition that has not been seen in years.

Maroon and White filled the streets of Carmi to celebrate Homecoming Week on September 20 by welcoming back the Homecoming Parade. Carmi residents and students of all ages watched along the streets of CWCHS and Lincoln Attendance Center as staff and high schoolers walked by with big smiles and lots of laughter to showcase their Bulldog pride. 

Principal Jarrod Newell had met with the City Council on September 17 to get the approval to block the roads along the schools in order for the students to walk to Lincoln and pass out candy to the Kindergarteners and First graders. With that approval from the board, the Student Council of CWCHS and the Maroon Platoon were underway with getting all the decorations to make this parade a success.

Emily Driscoll, Student Council sponsor, Sarah Haley and Ariana Watts, both Maroon Platoon sponsors, along with student members were in charge of the event. With bringing the tradition back, Driscoll, Watts and Haley had to gather up ideas on how to make this memorable for not just the students but also the community. Watts stated, “we knew it was something that not only got the high school kids pumped and filled with school spirit, but it was also a great avenue to get the community and younger students involved as well.” 

Homecoming has been a huge success throughout the years for the students by doing class competitions and pep sessions. One of the reasons for bringing the parade back into the Homecoming tradition, Driscoll added was, “Our students were able to be involved in our tradition of Homecoming in a new way! We are a big family, and it felt like coming together for a big family celebration.”

The parade was a huge success and a great addition to celebrate Homecoming, the students and the staff at CWCHS. When asked if they would continue to do the parade, Haley said, “With the positive responses we have received, I think YES!! Walking through the streets of Carmi and seeing all the school spirit from all the students was pretty amazing. I think the students painted the town Maroon and White today showing their Bulldog Pride.”