On the road

Felicia Owen (left) and Jessica Northcott take time for a photograph in Times Square in New York City during the downtime while providing nursing services there.

Whether it was in a coaching or playing role, I always found that when I competed it was easier to do so on my home- court.

For essential workers Felicia Owen and Jessica Northcott, the term “playing on the road” will always hold a different meaning moving forward for these two hometown nurses.

During the month of April, Owen and Northcott volun- teered to take their medical knowledge and experience on the road to New York City to help on the frontlines to battle the coronavirus pandemic in one of the largest hotspots in the world.

“I kept receiving notifica- tions to travel to help fellow nurses,” said Owen, a 2007 Carmi-White County alum. “When I got a notice to work in NYC, I talked it over with my husband (Justin). He said if I felt I needed to do it, he would hold down the homestead, which included watching over

my 2-and-half year-old daugh- ter. I reached out to Jessica, and thankfully, she was in.”

When Northcott, a 2003 graduate of CWC, received the request from Owen, it was a commitment that she never dreamed of doing, but knew it was the right thing to do given the current situation.

“The trip to NYC was more than I ever expected,” said Northcott, who is an LPN. “I personally never even had the desire to visit there recreation- ally. However, when Felicia proposed the idea, I felt it was an opportunity to serve for what I was trained for. I felt it was contributing to something bigger than myself and Carmi which provided as a teaching moment for my kids.”

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