Jefferson County Public Defender Scott Quinn to run for circuit judge

My name is Scott Quinn, and today I am formally announcing my candidacy for At-Large Circuit Judge of the Second Judicial Circuit of Illinois. The opening for this position was

created when my good friend and former boss David Overstreet (at the firm of Neubauer & Overstreet) was elected to the Appellate Court last November. The seat he occupied in the Second Judicial Circuit has been vacant since the November 2018 election, and is expected to remain so until the 2020 election. I will be running for that position in the March 2020 Republican Primary.

I currently serve as Jefferson County's Chief Public Defender. I began working in the Public Defender's Office in 2009, and continued doing so until mid-2012. After a few years of focus on my private practice, I returned to the Public Defender's Office on a full-time basis in late-2014. Of course, Chief Public Defender of Jefferson County is a very high-volume position. Jefferson County files more than 500 felonies per year, and I am assigned to roughly half of those cases. I believe my ability to manage such a heavy case load is one thing that shows that I will have what it takes to step into the important position of Circuit Judge.

Another thing that I believe shows that I will have what it takes to step into the position of Circuit Judge is the diversity of my past legal experiences.  I have worked on many types of cases in the past. I have been involved in numerous jury trials at the circuit court level and oral arguments in the appellate court. Though many of these were criminal cases (everything from DUI to murder), my work in private practice also had me working on cases in family law (divorce), adoptions, guardianships, juvenile law, corporate law, probate law, property line disputes, etc. I’m also very proud of the municipal work I did as the former attorney for the Mt. Vernon Airport Authority, the City of McLeansboro, and the Villages of Ina, Belle Rive and Bonnie.

Though today I am surrounded by many colleagues, friends and family members, many residents of the twelve counties that make up the Second Judicial Circuit will want to learn about me on a personal basis. My wife Julie (also an attorney) and I have five children: Amelia (age 21) is a student a San Diego State University, Grant (age 18) recently graduated from Mt. Vernon Township High School and will be attending Southern Illinois-Carbondale in the fall, Nathan (age 15) is a sophomore at Mt. Vernon Township High School, Veronica (age 10) is a fourth grader, and Brendan (age 4) is in preschool.

I am an elder at Grace Community Church in Mt. Vernon, and a licensed foster parent through Lutheran Social Services of Illinois.

I am a graduate of Mt. Vernon Township High School. After high school, I went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and received a BS in Business Administration. Following college, I attended Washington University School of Law and received my J.D. in 1999.

The Second Judicial Circuit is made up of twelve (12) counties in Southern and Southeastern Illinois: Crawford, Edwards, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Hardin, Jefferson, Lawrence, Richland, Wabash, Wayne and White Counties.