The City Council awarded a new Class B Liquor License for a new upcoming restaurant in Carmi.

Mr. Jalapeno will be opening their doors in "the next couple of weeks," explained Mayor Jeff Pollard. The restaurant will be located in the Carmi Crossing Plaza, and the time and days of operation are not known at this time. Alderman Steve Winkleman was the only Council member to vote "no" on creating and issuing the liquor license for Mr. Jalapeno.

President of the Christmas Elves, Lance Yearby, was in attendance at the City Council meeting to inform the board members of his results for Carmi's first year of hosting the Christmas Lights of Hope. 

"So our attendance this year, that we know of is 2,277 cars and $14,456."

Yearby stated that the Christmas Elves are already taking sponsors for next year and are planning to make the event bigger, with the hopes of building a power grid.

Pam Haywood will be taking charge of the food program through the schools and Yearby indicated that it should be up and running within the next week. Yearby also shared with the board that, "$1,000 was donated to Carmi School to help give out bags to students before Christmas break.”

Yearby also shared that he has additional plans, "We have more ideas for next year, not even Christmas, other things throughout the year to really bring people into town." Some of those ideas consisted of creating a haunted trail at Burrell's Woods during the Halloween season and other concepts that would draw more individuals into Carmi.

With no reports from the Mayor or Council members and no closed session, the January 7 meeting adjourned. Their next meeting will be on January 21 at 5:30 p.m.