Michael Knight

U.S. Army 

First Sargent 


served: November 1, 1971 to Nov 1, 1991

Basic training: Ft Leonard Wood, Mo.

Advanced Training: Communications at Ft Gordon, GA.

Stationed: Ft Hood, TX 1972 to 1973

Mission: Support 3rd Infantry Division

Although stationed in Ft Hood our major issue was to perform deployment to Reforger in Germany in support of units there. This was training in case of invasion of the Warsaw Pact. The training was part of NATO exercises which were intended to ensure that NATO had the ability to quickly deploy forces. Although most troops deployed were from the U.S., the operations also involved a substantial number of other NATO countries.

On September 1, 1973 I was transferred to South Korea. Purpose there was to provide support to the U.S. and Korean units such as 8th Army and units immediately south of the DMZ. I was in South Korea from Sep 1, 1973 to May 1, 1975. I was transferred to Fort Bragg, NC.

I was with the 25th Signal Battalion with the 82nd Airborne. A major part of my being there was to provide not only communications but training soldiers in Chemical Biological and Radiological Warfair. In october 1977 I was transferred to the 3rd Infantry in Wurzburg, Germany.

I was initially the training NCO for the 123rd Signal Battalion and ended up being the Security Custodian for the Battalion. I performed security for Secret, Top Secret and Eyes Only. I also did security clearance investigations. The biggest and most secret document was the plan if we went to WWIII. (Scary)

My nest station was Ft Gordon, GA in June 1980. I spent 18 weeks in advance NCO school and ended up as a training officer for 2 years and became the curriculum writer for the school.

In early 1984 I was selected to be a member of a 25 man unit to go to Egypt for a year and train their soldiers on how to operate our communication equipment. (this occurred after Russians were kicked out of Egypt. When that happened the Russians took their equipment and left). I was sent to Ft Bliss, TX and after 1 month of briefings I was released from the group and was sent to Ft Knox, KY. My work there was to provide as a Advisor for National Guard Units and Reserve Units in Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Southern Indiana. I traveled 5-6 days a week, until July 1986 at which time I was sent to Okinawa, Japan where I was advanced to be the First Sargent of Company B 1140th Signal Battalion. I was sent there to rebuild that company. 

Company B was a critical company as it’s mission was to support the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and where ever they traveled and support the 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Green Berets) in communications by satellite and radio's. Within 4 months the company received a Secretary of the Army Award for small unites.

In 1991 I realized that my kids were tired of making friends on 1 day and lose them the next. They had traveled from Germany to Georgia, to Tennessee, to Fort Knox to Okinawa. I wanted them to be able to go to school with friends and graduate in White County. I wasn’t aware that Crossville High School had been shut down. I wanted my kids to graduate from there. I did and so did my 5 brothers and 4 sisters and so many cousins. My kids did graduate for CWC.

I elected to retire and did so on Nov 1, 1991. I had other places I went to.