NCOE School Board

 Supt. Matt Vollman addressing the NCOE Board meeting Monday night in the high school auditorium. The photo depicts the social distancing required for the meeting.

How and when the 38 seniors at Norris City Omaha Enfield (NCOE) High School will graduate remains up in the air. During the May 20 meeting of the NCOE Board, Superintendent Matt Vollman and board members all agreed that an in-person graduation ceremony is preferred. However, with social distancing guidelines still in place due to the COVID-19 crisis, officials are unsure when such a ceremony could actually be carried out.

For now, an in-person graduation ceremony in some form or fashion is still set for June 12. However, Supt. Vollman said the service may have to postponed until July and would preferably be held outdoors. “I can't recommend going beyond July,” Supt. Vollman said. “After that, it would just about have to be a virtual graduation.”

However the service is held, large crowds will not be allowed due to social distancing requirements. Officials say they expect any service conducted would be broadcast on the local radio station andvstreamed live on Facebook.