New Business Coming to The Village 


Of The Carmi Chronicle

The board agreed to consider a contract with the White County Sheriff for a non-emergency dispatch service for $16,100 a year. They would have until June 1 to pay, but the board will have to wait to make an agreement to take a vote. 

Donavon Mead met with the Norris City Village board to finalize his TIF agreement to start his new business. No new information of what the business will be or how much the TIF agreement was for.  

The Village is filing for a pre application after completing Phase 1 & 2, now onto 3 of the Water Rehabilitation System Grant to take all undersized water lines and replace them. The replacement will cost $955,000 but IPA suggests taking 10% higher for the loan ordinance so the final number of the grant would be $1.1 million for money to put back in case of emergency. Mayor Roy Kissel reassured the board by telling them the Norris City Village is “bond free, debt free.”  

After David Doerner resigned as the full time police officer, the village will be taking applications for the full time officer position. Mayor Roy Kissel will be appointing Dustin Ingram as the new dog catcher also. 

Dan Hansen from Bulldog Enterprises spoke to the board presenting a new contract for trash pickup. The board accepted a 5 year contract with a fifty cent increase per house bringing the total to $11. 

Sam McPeak of Dale will be removing the old ground storage tank at the water plant for $4,950 with the job estimated to take three days. 

At the February 3 meeting, the board will continue to monitor eight houses to be either repaired or demolished. 

The board accepted two bids of $2,566 from Rick Short for the 2003 Durango and $251.50 from Hoskins Trucking for the 2007 Ford Crown Victoria. 

Lastly, in the month of January there were twenty-four reports, five arrests, two citations issued, and six 9-1-1 calls. 

The next Norris City Village Board meeting will be Monday, March 2, 2020 at 7pm.