The effort to rehabilitate the Harmony Way Bridge may see a major step forward taken in the coming days.

On Aug. 1, the “The Restore the Harmony Way Bridge Act” passed the Senate and is now heading to the desk of President Trump to either be signed into legislation vetoed. 

Lawmakers on both sides of the Wabash River have each created their own bills to reopen the bridge merging New Harmony and White County, with the goal of each piece of legislation being to create a bi-state commission to assume ownership of the bridge. 

The Illinois House and Senate passed their bill, “The New Harmony Bridge Compact Act,” to reopen the bridge back in May of 2018. The bill states that Illinois has to appoint three commissioners to come to an agreement with the State of Indiana to form a New Harmony Bi-State Commission. 

The Bi-State Commission would create the New Harmony River Bridge Authority. Illinois would consist of five members: three appointed from the state Governor, one from the White County Board of Commissioners, and one selected by the Mayor of Phillipstown. Indiana would also appoint five members on their side including three appointed by the Indiana Governor, one by the Posey County Board of Commissioners and one by the Town of New Harmony.