CVS will have a new neighbor starting in 2020.

A one time $10,000 TIF agreement was awarded to the Carmi Health Clinic, by Horizon Healthcare, once the clinic has been completed and open. Holly Healy added, “They have to do some pretty significant upgrades for some of the equipment they want to bring in.”

The pay request, which was $58,661.69, for the Marguerite Street grant was approved at the City Council meeting on October 15. The grant will cover the costs of materials for the sewer project, and will be paid to Utility Pipe Supply.

Shana Northcott, from the Chamber of Commerce, asked the board to close down the roads again this year for the Christmas Parade. The Christmas Parade will be on November 30 at 6:00 pm. Northcott also asked that South Main Cross Street, from Main Street to the alley, could be closed for the Santa House that will be in Carmi starting on November 25 until January 6. The board approved both road closures for those dates.

The board moved onto approving the bid for the Industrial Drive Grant project. Mayor Jeff Pollard included that the board let him and City Clerk Cynthia Attebury the approval to sign any documents needed for the project, “it gives Cindy and I the ability to be able to do it without bringing it to the board.” The board agreed.

Ordinance 1552 was discussed among the board members. The ordinance allows Wayne-White County Electric Corporation to construct, operate and maintain an electric utility system in the city of Carmi. Mayor Pollard stated, “We’ve talked about it and approved it and it went on to the state, and so now we just have to re-approve it.” The board re-approved Ordinance 1552.

Halloween at Burrell Park was on Saturday, October 19, where they had many activities for children of all ages: Marshmallow golf, mummy wrap contest, a kids Halloween Parade and many more. 

Trunk-or-Treat will be on Halloween night starting at 5:30 pm until 7:00 pm. The City Council approved the closing of Cherry Street during that time. 

The city wide Trick-or-Treat will be on Halloween from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Lastly, Mayor Pollard thanked the Kiwanis Club, all of the city employees, City Police, County Police, Auxiliary Police and the Grayville and Norris City Police who helped during the Corn Day festivities. He also thanked the Fire Department for cleaning the sidewalks and streets, Sean Cribbs and his workers for painting the stop lights black to match the street lights, and Derek Keller from trimming Veterans Park and planting mums throughout Main Street.

The City Council moved to a closed session with no action to follow. Their next meeting will be on November 5.