In a never-ending endeavor to bring our readers the very best in newspaper content, THE CARMI CHRONICLE is proud to announce a new outdoor column to our regular offerings.  We are very fortunate to have obtained the talents of award-winning outdoor writer Mike Roux.  Mike lives in Chatham and will be lending his outdoor expertise for our paper’s readers.

Mike is heavily published in the outdoor world, holding many prestigious awards.  Not only is he a MIDWEST OUTDOORS Readers Choice Award winner but he is also a former Illinois Outdoor Writer of the Year. He has columns in four monthly periodicals and free-lances dozens of magazine articles each year is publications like ILLINOIS GAME & FISH, NORTH AMERICAN WHITETAIL, BOWHUNTER and FIELD & STREAM.  Mike is also a member of the MOSSY OAK CAMO PRO HUNTING STAFF.

We have no doubt that our readers will be both entertained and educated with this column.  And now without further delay let me introduce Mike Roux.




It is my pleasure and my honor to now be affiliated with The Carmi Chronicle.  I have spent decades in the out-of-doors and I have a true passion to pass along what I have learned and experienced to my readers.  

My column will focus on fishing, hunting, boating, camping and all other outdoor activities that we all love.  I will discuss how-to, where-to, why-to and introduce my new readers to the places and people that can make their experiences in the outdoors more meaningful.

I enjoy writing about local experts and I hope you will all consider contacting me with article ideas and the names of the folks in your area, in your town or in your family who you think I might like to meet and interview.  I will focus heavily on the southern Illinois region.

That having been said I will also share all of my travel adventures with you, as well.  I will take you across America as well as destinations like Mexico, Canada and even Africa.  We will together explore everything from catching bluegill in a farm pond to Marlin on the Pacific Ocean.  We will shoot dove in a local grain field and Kudu in South Africa.  It is my intention and my desire to have you enjoy everything you read in my columns and just maybe learn some helpful tips along the way.

Along with being an outdoor writer for many years I have also been on the professional end of the outdoor industry for over 3 decades.  I was on the Pro Hunting Staff with LOHMAN GAME CALLS for 22-years.  I am now the Director of the Pro Hunting Staff for MOUNTAIN SCREAMER GAME CALLS.  Within that company I have my own line of turkey and waterfowl calls.  And for 12-years I was on the Pro Staff with MOSSY OAK CAMOUFLAGE.   I also currently serve on the Pro Staffs with THOMPSON/CENTER ARMS.

Along with my newspaper and magazine work I have published two books.  My turkey hunting book is entitled; “IF YOU CALL THEM…THEY WILL COME” and my fishing book is called; “FISHING NORTH AMERICA with MIKE ROUX”.  The books are available on my personal web site,

Once again I would like really thank Nicole Behnke-Bullock and her staff at The Chronicle for giving me this chance to give you, its readers a taste of the outdoors each week.  I look forward to hearing from readers and I will respond to all letters and e-mails.  You can contact me through the paper you are reading right now.  My contact info is also on my web site.     Mike Roux