Mike Hite

Norris City utilities superintendent Mike Hite shows off a new star that was purchased with local donations. The new star will top the town's Christmas tree next year.

Mayor Roy Kissell and others are encouraging community leaders to begin planning for Norris City's Sesquicentennial event this year. Mike Ray with Norris City Industries addressed the Norris City Council meeting Monday night, presenting each member with a special coin designed to commemorate the community's 150th anniversary.

The special coins were struck in bronze and silver and will be available at local banks, Ray said. On one side, the coin features an outline of the State of Illinois with a tractor and the Norris City Cardinal logo. On the other side, the coin features the outline of White County, an oilfield pump and the Texas Eastern logo. 

Mayor Kissell is urging Norris City clubs, churches and other organizations to start planning for the Sesquicentennial celebration, which he expects will coincide with the town's Dairy Days celebration. Activities being encouraged include a beard or mustache growing contest, special music, and encouraging folks to dress in period attire to observe the event. 

With a unanimous vote, the Norris City Board voted down a request from a local business requesting to be allowed to sell alcohol and operate video gambling on Sunday. The town's liquor ordinance will not be changed to accommodate the request.

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