The Norris City Village Board is now taking two homeowners to court over failure to repair or demolish their dilapidated residencies. The Village Board sent them letters stating they had a 30-day period to either repair or demolish the properties. The court hearing will be held on November 8th.

Seven other homes were considered during the meeting. All of them will receive letters stating a 30-day period to take action or respond, just as last month’s homes were.

In other business, TIF money was considered for Donovan Mead for his welding business. The Board approved a $20,000 donation to him, as well as $2,000 for painting the business’s building, and $1,750 for equipment, totaling $23,750.

As for the other TIF consideration, the Lion’s Club officially qualifies for TIF money due to them being a ‘civic organization’. The Village Board will be looking at bid amounts until next month’s meeting, where further discussion will take place.

Village Board Member Charles Land has been looking at flashlights to purchase for the Norris City police department. Land has found a flashlight for $137 a piece which includes a kit of chargers and extra batteries. The Board approved the purchase of four of these, one for each officer. Land also approached the Board about purchasing new magnets for the sides of the police vehicles. The ones they had approved for purchase at the October meeting have came apart. The Board will be refunded and are purchasing new ones at $48 a piece.

Next, the Board approved purchasing advertisements from WRUL during NCOE’s basketball games, and they also approved a donation of $1,800 to the White County Ambulance service.

From Nov 7th to Nov 12th, Sue James will step in as Mayor Pro-Tem for current Mayor Roy Kissel.

Mayor Kissel has asked that once the residents of Norris City receive blue cards detailing “gas safety” information, they should fill them out and mail them back. It is extremely important that they receive these cards.

Lastly, the Christmas party will be held at the Hideout in Marion on December 14th at 4 pm.

The next Village meeting will be held on December 2nd at 7 p.m. where employee salaries will be discussed in the Norris City Municipal Building.