Members of the Norris City Board say they want no part of Illinois' new law that legalizes the sale of recreational marijuana.  During the board's August 5 meeting, members directed Mayor Roy Kissel and the city attorney to draft an ordinance banning the sale of legal marijuana within the community.  Illinois' recreational marijuana law is set to go into effect January 1, 2020. Within the law, individual communities have the authority to ban the sale of legalized pot through the adoption of an ordinance. After an informal poll was taken with individual board members, it became clear that there was no interest in the community allowing any marijuana dispensaries within the community.  An ordinance authorizing Norris City to opt out of the legalized pot business is expected to be drawn up and presented for approval during their September 3 meeting.

Village board members unanimously approved TIF funding for improvements to the Norris City American Legion.  The board authorized providing a maximum of $18,800 from TIF funds for the Legion project, which will involve sewer line replacement, new steel doors and painting.  Dennis Neal, Commander of Norris City American Legion Post 109 stated the installation of steel doors will address security issues and the sewer line replacement will address sanitation issues.  Post 109 was built around 1949, Commander Neal said, and is need of immediate repairs. He says he wants the community to proud of the local post and expressed his gratitude to the village board for approving TIF funding.  Mayor Kissell instructed the city attorney to draw up the necessary TIF agreement so the project can begin as soon as possible. 

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