Tony Gott owned and operated Gottzz’s in Carmi for twenty five years.

“The Spot Tavern” was a local bar that Tony Gott and his brother Mike bought back in 1989. The Gott brothers kept it as a bar, but changed the name to “Gottzz’s.” As Gottzz’s became more popular, the bar expanded to what it is today, a very beloved restaurant and bar.

Tony married Carla in 1993 and welcomed her two daughters, Jesse and Kati. Tony enjoyed working all the time, at Gottzz’s or doing outside jobs. Carla explained that, “Tony was such a fun loving guy and he was goofy, he had to be to marry me.”

Mark Rogers, a friend of Tony’s, shared the story of how Tony helped come up with the band name, The Leftovers. “He called me 10 years ago and his band for Corn Days canceled and he asked if I could put a band together, in a weeks time. We played and had a big crowd. The weekend after Thanksgiving, Tony called and he wanted us to play, but we didn’t have a name. He suggested, Leftover Turkey, instead that was shortened to The Leftovers. We played up there and all over for 7 years, it was all due to Tony Gott putting us together. He was a great guy and a great friend.”

In November of 2014, Tony sold Gottzz’s to Matt Slay and Denton Weiss, but that didn’t stop Tony from working there every day he could. Denton Weiss reminisced on one of his favorite memories when working with Tony, “He was filling the chicken up with more fried chicken, when a woman came up to him and started complaining that there wasn’t enough chicken legs. Tony didn’t crack a smile when he replied to her and said ‘I’ve contacted five different suppliers and I can’t find anyone that carries a four legged chicken.’ I knew right then that I would get along with Tony.”

After selling Gottzz’s, Carla and Tony moved to Dolans Lake, where they were the hosts at the campsite and put together Halloween activities. Abby Weiss, an employee at Gottzz’s, remembered Tony as a very thoughtful guy, “He knew I liked cream sodas and somedays he would just come by and surprise me with one.”

The next time you visit Gottzz’s, look for a wedding ring. Weiss stated, “Tony lost his wedding ring somwhere in Gottzz’s 20 years ago. If you find it, he’d like it back.”