Due to lack of sewage, a Mill Shoals resident has been emitting fecal matter in their yard.

Village Trustee Jerry Boyd explained that the individual has not been committing an act of disorderly conduct because they have not exposed themselves or yelled obscenities. President of the board, Ron Gray, offered to contact the Illinois Department of Public Health to solve this problem. Village Clerk Heath Tullis will be preparing an Ordinance Violation against the individual for not being hooked up to the public sewer system, which is required by state law.

In the September 10 meeting, Village trustee Buddie Young approached the board to allow the use of Golf Carts in the Village. Since Mill Shoals does not have a police officer, Village Clerk Tullis asked the board who would have the legal authority to legalize Golf Carts to be street legal. Young suggested that they should contact White County to see if that had any intentions on creating a County-Wide Golf Cart Ordinance.

Young informed the board that he has been contacted by many residents of Mill Shoals who are concerned about cleaning up some of the town’s properties. Jerry Boyd stated his approval, “that enough is enough, and people were getting fed up with their neighbors depreciating their properties.”

In Street and Bridges news, Boyd asked the board if the bridge on Sycamore, which has been condemned by the State of Illinois, could be repaired. Village President Gray said that the state would need to approve opening the bridge before any repairs could be done. Village Water Operator Wayne Carter offered to get in contact with the Illinois Department of Transportation to see if the bridge could be inspected.

The Treasurer’s report indicated that the Annual Audit was underway for the Village of Mill Shoals. James told the board that he was still waiting on the Tax Computation Report from White County, after he receives those he will be able to prepare the Annual Tax Levy Ordinance. 

Tullis received concerns of a property owner thinking about moving her, greater than 20-year old, mobile home from its current location. Gray stated that a mobile home within Mill Shoals could only be moved one time. Tullis was not going to issue an Ordinance Violation based on an individual having an idea to move. Instead, Boyd would inform the resident in the morning about the repercussions on moving her home a second time.

Tullis has also been approached by residents wanting to salvage items from the Old Gymnasium. Gray responded by saying that the gym could have mold inside, meaning that a respirator would be needed to take inventory of possible items that could be taken from the community. 

In Water and Sewer news, Village Water Operator Wayne Carter said that he has started the renewal process for the Annual Water Contract which will expire on November 1. Carter also stated that he has posted two signs at the Sewer Plant and landscaping refuge pile indicating that the property is under surveillance, where he will activate the equipment soon.

The board chose October 25 as the town wide pick up day.

President Gray and the rest of the board unanimously agreed to move the meeting for next month to October 8. 

With that, the meeting adjourned.