A group of upset farmers met with the Enfield Village Board last week in an effort to resolve a dispute over the posting of a road that would impact truckers delivering grain to the local elevator. Graham Giesler of Consolidated Grain and Barge addressed the board about signs recently posted that prevents truck traffic on Brockett Street which leads east out of town and Experimental Farm Road. 

Along with Mr. Giesler, several farmers expressed their concerns over how much of an inconvenience the posting of the roads would be for farmers trying to deliver grain to the elevator. Village officials noted that truck traffic on Experimental Farm Road has been a problem for quite some time. Longer trucks and trailers cannot make the turn without getting in the yards of the Cushman and McGuire property or even in the ditch, officials said. “The city has spent hundreds of dollars fixing the road and trying to make repairs to keep this from happening,” officials said. “But someone continues to disregard the signs posted and continues to create damage.”

Village Trustee Jim Bolin offered a solution to the controversy.

“Since we are right now in the heart of beginning harvest, could we please all be respectful and use the Brockett Street extension if your equipment is not capable of making the turn without getting into yards or ditches,” Bolin said. “We want to get along with everyone and make this a profitable harvest for both the farmers and Consolidated Grain and Barge, but yet not continue to cause added expenses to the village.” It was noted that not all truck drivers are as respectful as the owner of the trucks. “Just because you have a license doesn't always mean you can drive a truck,” said Chris Williams of Hines Trucking.

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