Six elected officials were granted raises, despite White County board members Ken Usery voting no and Ron McAnulty abstaining.

The Circuit Clerk and Coroner will receive their 4% raise in December 2020, while the Sheriff, Supervisor of Assessments, County Clerk and Treasurer will get their 7% raise in December 2022.

The new salary for Coroner Chris Marsh will be $16,739.06 and Clerk Kelly Fulkerson's will be $50,049.42. After the 7% raise in 2022, the new wages for Sheriff Doug Maier will be $57,747; Treasurer Pam Armstrong and County Clerk Beth Sell will each make $51,493.42; Supervisor of Assessment Terry Abell will make $58,766.12.

Along with the raise, the Circuit Clerk and Coroner will get a 1.5% cost of living adjustment starting in December 2023 and ending in December 2025. The Sheriff, Treasurer, Supervisor of Assessments and County Clerk will also receive a 1.5% cost of living adjustment starting in December 2020 and ending in December 2025.

The White County Sheriff will also be getting an increase from $6,000 to $8,000 for holding the title of White County Safety Coordinator beginning December 2020.

States Attorney Denton Aud discussed the Landfill Engineer Agreement at the March 10 meeting. The agreement will allow Jackson County lawyer Brandon Edwards to perform an inventory, secure professional administration for the landfill and serve as a professional engineer representative for the county's landfill. The board agreed.

The board approved the resolution for federal aid agreement on an Enfield bridge for leading. White County will pay $9,400 of the estimated cost of $235,000. Federal funds and the State will cover the rest.

Chairman Don Puckett asked board member Clint Spencer to give an update on the New Harmony Bridge. "We have an engineering firm that bid in for an inspection, and IDOT will be approving it," said Spencer.

County Clerk Beth Sell gave the first report from County officers. Sell reported that her office was ready for the Primary Elections and she has already received 200 absentee ballots.

Even though Treasurer Pam Armstrong was not in attendance, board member Ron McAnulty shared concern in her report. "It shows that for the last three months we have lost $260,000 in the general fund. Everybody needs to bear in mind that includes the judicial fund of $168,000 that I've always been told that can only be spent at the direction of Judge Webb that's including the general fund. We have transferred $303,000 from investments to the general fund. We have transferred $303,000 from investments to the general fund. So our investments are down about $303,000. It has taken those funds to substantiate this loss of $260,000. I just want to make everyone aware of that," stated McAnulty. No further discussion was made.

Circuit Clerk Kelly Fulkerson reported that "Last year we passed a resolution that debt would be forwarded to the Comptroller, that we could intercept tax refunds on. That just started this year because our report just went in at the end of December. I just wanted to report that since tax refunds are just starting to come out, I received my report last week, and within four days, we received over $10,000 in offsets of people who would have been getting a tax refund, but they owed money to our county. Now that money has to sit for 60 days so that if they want to question that, they have 60 days to question it. If they don't question, it's automatically put into my account, and we write the receipts off for that. I just wanted to let you know that was for only four days of refunds that are coming in every day."

Ambulance Director Adam Allen reported that the Ambulance Department has been keeping busy. 

Sheriff Doug Maier told the board the after 34 years working at the Jail, Deputy Byrd Huber's last day was going to be Thursday. Maier also went over his reports, there are 63 inmates in the jail, and the revenue for the month of February was $46,288.91.

EMA Director Patrick Scates discussed that he has been in contact with health departments about the Coronavirus. "We have had a couple of meetings to make sure the counties have plans in case something happens with the Coronavirus. We are staying on top of it."

Coroner Chris Marsh reported that there were 11 deaths for the month, and all were natural. Marsh went over the new legislation that has passed in Springfield that will double the cost of cremation, "The funeral homes have to pay that, the fee is $50, but they are doubling it to $100."

The White County Board adjourned, their next meeting will be on April 14 at 7 pm.