With local races going unopposed, it was a clean sweep for each candidate.

Denton Aud will continue to run as the State's Attorney for White County, Aud collected 1,568 votes. Chris Marsh, who gathered 1,559 votes, was chosen as the candidate for White County Coroner. Kelly Fulkerson won the choice of Circuit Clerk with 574 votes. 

Ronald McAnulty received 300 votes for County Board in District #2. Republican Ken Usery, who got 244 votes, and Democrat Ray Mitchell, who won 96 votes, will be running for a seat on the County Board for District #3.

Precinct Committeepersons who will be presented on the November election ballots will be: West Trout for Phillips #26, Sam Thomas for Carmi #16, J.D. Horton for Gray #24, Patricia Trout for Carmi #13, David Hays for Heralds Prairie #22, Bill Chapman for Hawthorne #28, Cassie Pigg for County Board District, Glenda Ackerman for Carmi #20, Dale Shuler for Carmi #13, Alexa Hortin for Heralds Prairie #22, Gene Usery for Carmi #12, Milton York for Mill Shoals #2 and Tim Scates for Carmi #18.

With 1,673 votes, President Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate in this year's November elections. His opponent, Roque De La Fuente, took home 22 votes.

With a commanding lead, Joe Biden beat out Bernie Sanders by a 413-138 margin to be the Democratic candidate on this year's Presidental ballot.

In White County, Darren Bailey defeated Jeffrey Fleming, 1,496-171, to continue to battle for the State Senator in the Fifty-Fifth Legislative District.

Adam Niemerg came out victorious over running mate Andrew Hires for the spot of Representative in the General Assembly One Hundred and Ninth Representative District, winning with 1030 votes to Hires' 585 votes in White County.

To fill the vacancy of the Honorable Lloyd Karmeier, for Judge of the Supreme Court in the Fifth Judicial District, David Overstreet collected 1,340 votes to win the spot on the ballot; John Barberis, Jr received 254 votes.

Erika Weaver got 50.59% of White County votes to win the Democratic ballot for Representative in Congress for the Fifteenth Congressional District. For the Republican party, for the same spot, Mary Miller came out on top with 55%, a total of 885 votes.

To fill the vacancy of the Honorable David Overstreet as the Judge of the Circuit Court in the Second Judicial Circuit, Matthew Hartrich received 749 votes, beating his opponents Scott Quinn (433) and Courtney Cox (392).

Finally, for Judge of the Appellate Court in the Fifth Judicial District, filling the vacancy of the Honorable Melissa Chapman, Mark Boie won with 986 votes against Katherine Ruocco (482).