At approximately 1:24 pm, on November 1, White County Dispatch received a call from Danny Harris of Carmi stating he was a victim of a possible burglary. White County Sheriff Deputy Randy Graves responded to the scene located at 1671 East at 925 North in Maunie, Illinois. When Graves arrived he spoke with Matthew Levi Frashier, 37 of Carmi, and Celina J. Prince, 25 of Maunie. Frashier and Prince told Deputy Graves they had come to the location to check on the residence for Nina Hankins. Hankins had been living at the residence located on this property but is currently serving time in the White County Jail. 

Both Frashier and Prince were standing in the roadway next to a black Harley Davidson motorcycle when they informed Deputy Graves that they had visited the residence at the request of Hankins. Deputy Graves noticed that the motorcycle was not working, Frashier explained that the motorcycle had quit and that they were trying to look for a battery charger to start it back up.

Deputy Graves then spoke with Harris who owns a machine shed, next to the Hankins residence. Harris had been a victim of a burglary in the past as someone had entered into his machine shed. Harris mentioned to Deputy Graves that he had placed a trail camera on a shopping cart inside the doorway of the shed to try and locate the suspect if they were to come back. Harris also let Deputy Graves know that, off of the machine shed is a separate lean-to building, he allowed Hankins to store some of her property but Hankins was not allowed into the shop part as it was locked.

Harris had photos on his phone where Frashier and Prince were both inside his machine shed. Harris stated that the door was locked to the shed and he could not find the game camera after Prince and Frashier were inside the shed. 

Deputy Graves went to speak with Prince and Frashier to see if they would confess to entering the building, which they reported that they did not. Prince said she knew it was not part of Hankins property and that she has never been inside the machine shed owned by Harris. 

At this point Deputy Graves told both Frashier and Prince they were under arrest for burglary. Deputy Graves revealed to Frashier and Prince that the trail camera had sent photos to the phone of Harris when they entered into the shed.

Frashier was handcuffed behind his back and the cuffs were double locked. Deputy Graves asked Frashier his name due to him having a brother, with Frashier indicating that his name was Josh Frashier. After checking the identification, Deputy Graves learned the person he had under arrest was Matthew Frashier. During a pat down of Frashier, Deputy Graves located a wooden one hitter box with cannabis in his right front pants pocket. In the left front pocket he also found an orange container with 1 gram of, what he thought was, methamphetamine in a plastic baggy. 

Harris was able to locate the camera in the shed, but it had been moved from the shopping cart to a south wall. Harris advised the batteries and SIM card was missing from the camera. 

As Deputy Graves was doing paperwork at the rear of his truck with Harris, he observed Frashier get out of the truck. Deputy Graves asked Frashier what he was doing, then Frashier held his hands up and said, "not going to jail" and left the scene running north into a farm field with a ditch. Deputy Graves realized that Frashier, at that time, had one hand slipped out of the cuffs.

Deputy Graves called for backup on his radio. Sergeant Craig Poole and Officer Johnathan Lucas got out on foot and walked the ditch bank from the north headed south, while Graves and Carmi Police Chief Jason Carter held a perimeter to the south of the field. Sgt Poole and Officer Lucas were able to locate Frashier in the ditch and took Frashier back into custody.

Deputy Graves noticed that the key switch on the motorcycle had been tampered with and that it had been hot wired. He contacted dispatch to check the vin number on the motorcycle. The motorcycle came back as stolen out of Evansville. Cherry Street responded to the scene to tow the motorcycle. 

While Deputy Graves was doing the tow form he located 4 AA batteries that would be the batteries out of the game camera in the pocket of a jacket laying on the motorcycle. A glass container with cannabis was found in the saddle bag on the motorcycle.

When Frashier entered into the jail he had the SIM card from the game camera in his pants pocket. Graves looked at the SIM card on the computer which showed Frashier and Prince both inside the building. This would show intent that they took the batteries and SIM card to try and keep from being caught in the building. Frashier also had a cannabis cigarette inside his pack of cigarettes.

The clear piece of substance in the orange container weighed one gram and tested positive for methamphetamine. There were 4 cotton balls that also tested positive for methamphetamine that were located inside the orange container. All evidence was placed into evidence bags and sealed.

Frashier was charged with four felonies of burglary, possession of methamphetamine, escape from a peace officer, theft possession of stolen property and one misdemeanor driving while license suspended. Prince was charged with three felonies of burglary, theft under $500 and obstructing justice.