Don Puckett

Don Puckett, Chairman of the White County Board of Commissioners, received an engraved clock in commemoration with his retirement from the board, effective once newly elected officials from the Nov. 3 election are sworn in on Dec. 1.

White County Board Chairman Don Puckett presided over his final monthly meeting last Tuesday, ending 10 years of service to the people of White County. In appreciation of his years of service, the board presented Puckett with an engraved clock.

White County State's Attorney Denton Aud also praised Puckett's leadership in a letter to the board. 

“As this is the last regular meeting of Don Puckett, I did want to say a special thank you for his service to the county over the last 10 years as a county board member and specifically the last two years as county board chairman,” State's Attorney Aud stated. “I am sure that the rest of the elected officials share this sentiment; Don has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with. As for his role as chairman, I have truly felt like there has been a genuine partnership between the board and the elected officials with everyone working together for the good of the county, free of ego or selfishness. There has been actual unity which resulted in a lot of great accomplishments resulting from his leadership on the board and partnership with the elected officials. He has been open for dialogue and has been engaged in many areas without ever overstepping his authority.

“I wish that his tenure on the board wasn't ending at this time; however, I appreciate his many years of service and wish him the best of luck.”

A new chairman of the county board will be chosen after members are sworn in Dec. 1. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the White County Board will be Tuesday, Dec. 8.