White County Board donates $2,500 to conservation district

White County board members prepare to open Tuesday's meeting. The short agenda included a donation to the White County Soil and Water Conservation District.

The White County Soil and Water Conservation District was approved by the White County board for an annual contribution of $2,500.

There were many visitors in attendance at the September 10 meeting of the White County Board. The Executive Director of Southern Illinois Workforce Investmant Board, Pamela Barbee, presented folders to the board members about the Southern 14 Workforce. Also in attendance was Kathy Sands with the “Villager’s Voice” from Norris City, she asked the board, “I was wondering if the board has any plans to pass an ordinance banning the growing, sales and/or distribution of recreational marijuana. Are you leaning towards banning or regulating?” Don Puckett, Chairman of the board, let Sands know that, “I think we’ve been talking about that and we are going to probably put it on the agenda for next month. I don’t think we have decided, or even talked about it.” 

With no hesitation, JC Tinsley with WROY/WRUL changed the topic and proceeded with asking the board if they had any comments dealing with the matter of the dog shelter AC and the $800 or so in donations. Ken Usery took the board and visitors by surprise and informed them that, “Well when the air conditioner got put in I told Wayne to cut a hole and put it in the wall, that way we had the windows available, and he did not, he put it in one window and took the other window out and screwed the Plexiglas on it and siliconed it. There was no air that could get in it, it was unhealthy for the dogs and it was unhealthy for anybody in there taking care of them.” County Treasurer Pam Armstrong stated that the $800 for the dog shelter is in a separate account and is only going to be used for the needs of the dog shelter. With Tinsley’s final question was aimed at Pam Armstrong, he asked if anyone could view their financial statements online. Armstrong made it clear that, “not until I get taxes out and other things take priority of that, you can go in anytime you want to and see it at Beth’s office. They are filed every month and that’s how you can seem them.” Armstrong is determined to get the taxes done first, before anything else.

Skip Oliver and Chris Maynard with Shepard Insurance gave quotes for the health insurance and liability insurance they offer for White County. Right now the White County Board members are using the “Hope Trust” insurance which gives no help when it comes to medical expenses and hospital visits. Deaconess and St. Vincent, both in Evansville, Indiana, reject the insurance. The board will discuss the Shepard Insurance but did not come to any decisions during the meeting.

Moving along to the Sheriff’s report for the month of August, the White County Jail has 70 inmates with revenues of $81,985.75. 

The board went right along to approving the 2020 Holiday Calendar, as well as the payment of all county bills.

There was no executive session and the discussion of the tentative and preliminary budget for the next year will be discussed at their November 12 meeting.

The board adjourned, with the next meeting on October 8.