By Len Wells

There were very few contested races in last week's Consolidated Election in White County.  For Crossville Village President, Henry Feldman defeated challenger Robert Osborne by a vote of 78 to 27. For Crossville Village Trustee, with three to be elected, the winners are Nancy Osborne with 68 votes, Cherie Westfall with 63 and Matthew Garmer with 73. Billie Mullins received 53 votes.

For Enfield Village Presiodent, incumbent Tom Harbour defeated challenger Tim McGehee by a vote of 95 to 33. Deborah A. Stone was re-elected as Village Clerk and Angela Carter as Treasurer.  For Enfield Village Trustee with three to be elected, the winners are William M. Black with 89 votes, James Fechtig with 75 and Karen Weiss receiving 77 votes.  Kayla Weaver received 58 votes with Patricia A. Myers receiving 27.

Wilma Burnett was re-elected as Maunie Village President with Eli Frashier as Village Clerk. Donna Evans was elected Maunie Village Treasurer with Dawn Schexnayder as trustee.

In Mill  Shoals, incumbent Village President Ron Gray defeated challenger Jerry E. Boyd 42 – 15.  Trustees elected were Sylvia Jean Murphy, Buddie Young and Sehila Titzer.  

Kevin Edmonds was elected New Haven Village President with  Alyssa McGuire clerk, Cathy Duffy Treasurer and trustees Zella Medlin and Sean Dulaney.

In Norris City, Charles “Skip” Land was elected Village President. He replaces Roy Kissell who did not seek re-election. James Crouch was elected Norris City Clerk with Judy Daubs, Sonja Sue James an Joseph E. Skaggs as Trustees.  

For Burnt Prairie Township Supervisor, Sheila Westfall ran unopposed as did Marcia Fechtig for Township Clerk and Alan Williams for Road Commissioner. Four Burnt Prairie trustees ran unopposed. They were Dennis Heil, Brandon Barbre, Ben Vaupel and Tim Hunsinger.

For Carmi Township Supervisor, Pamela Deig ran unopposed. Ruth McCallister defeated Anthony Huffer for Carmi Township Clerk. The vote was 351 for McCallister and 251 for Huffer.  Amy Short Edwards ran unopposed for Carmi Township Assessor. Chris McEwing ran unopposed for Carmi Township Road Commissioner. For Carmi Township Trustees, there were six candidates for four seats. The winners wwerre Brian Atteberry, Michael Baxley, Ronald Lamp and Adam Winkleman. Also ran were Wailin Bradford and Tim Scates.

In Emma Township, Gidget Wagner ran unopposed for supervisor as did Laurie Frasier for township clerk, Andrew Holtzclaw for road commissioner and four trustees, Thomas Scates, Terry Frashier, Eli Frashier and Lori Allen.

In Enfield Township, J. Bryan Williams ran unopposed for township supervisor as did Ronnie York for township clerk and Larry Hart for road commissioner. For Enfield Township Trustees, there were six candidates for four seats. The winners were Zach Cushman, Scot Weiss, Bill Williams and Karen McKinney. Also running were Vance Burzynski and John Gunter.

For Gray Township Supervisor, J.D. Horton ran unopposed as did Janet Woolever for clerk, Bill Baxter for road commissioner and trustees Roy Woolever, Linda Bova, Bill W. Waggoner and Kevin Seifried.

In Hawthorne Township, Cynthia J. Atteberry ran unopposed for township trustee as did Connie Kisner for clerk, and trustees, Douglas Ackerman, Donald R. Duvall, Craig Winter and Kent Williams.

In Heralds Prairie, Andrea Hays ran unopposed for township supervisor as did Tammy Musgraves for clerk, Lonnie Williams for road commissioner and trustees, Lyndell Chapman, Kyle Rynkewich, Kory Sutton and Tony Williams.

In Indian Creek Township, there were a number of contested races.  For Township Supervisor, Ronald L. McAnulty defeated Kern L. Doerner 388 – 342.  For Township Clerk, Donetta Hosick, defeated Virginia Bryant North 409 – 305. For Indian Creek road commissioner, David Wheeler polled 376 votes, defeating challengers James E. Hoskins with 196 and Jason Pruitt with 173. For trustees, there were 8 candidates for four seats. The winners were Evan Bryant, Terry Daubs, Jeromy Johnson and David L. Spence. Also running were Kathleen Land, Whitney Hall, Nancy A. Hiull and Luther R. Johnson. 

For Mill Shoals Township Supervisor, Linda South ran unopposed.  For road commissioner, R. Wayne  Carter defeated Brandon “Fig” Nelson, 102-71. For trustee, Rick South, Mark Sefton, Harlan Dozier and Dusty Cushman ran unopposed.

For Phillips Township supervisor, Diana L. Campbell ran unopposed, as did Tiara Richardson for clerk. For Phillips Township road commissioner, Brandon Jacobs defeated Dennis “Denny” Coston 114 – 88. For Phillips Township trustees, there were 8 candidates for four seats. The winners were Mike Johnson, Cindy Hodgson, Brad Cox and Stan Whitley. Also running were Tyler Johnson, Brian Blaylock, Jamie Jacobs and Terry Oeth.

Linda K. Johnson, Judy Gregory and Roger Hobbs were elected to the Norris City Library Board.

Community Unit 6 School Board Members elected were Jason Simpson, Jeremy Vaughan, Nate Carter and Jeremy Gray. For District 225 Board, Matthew Rush, Kimberly S. King and Jeremy Carter were elected. Unit 1 school board members elected were Jon Risley, Luke Rhinehart and Steve Vallette. 

Unit 3 school board members elected were Mike Hite, Joe Lane, Frank R. Graves and Heath Rush.  Also running was Kevin Dauby.

Unit 5 school board members elected were Kent “Pete” Fulkerson and David “Kelly” Ackerman. For Unit 7 school board, Erin Krikie, Gary Clayton and Rob M. Wood were elected.