On November 20, a White County Sheriff’s officer responded to a residence in Carmi referencing to a report of a mailbox being damaged. James Carroll advised that he lived at the residence and noticed that someone knocked the upper portion of his mailbox off the lower base. The upper portion was found in a ditch but there were no visible damage to the mailbox. Carroll indicated that his neighbors to the north also appeared to have damage to their mailbox. An incident report was completed and placed on file.

That same night, the officer visited the neighbor of Carroll, Donald Douthitt to observe the damage. Douthitt stated that he had saw the damage and was aware that his neighbor, Larry Hite also had the same damage. The responding officer photographed the mailbox and advised Douthitt that an incident report would be completed and filed. The officer called Hite, Hite said that he heard a vehicle traveling through the area but did not see it.

Michael McIntyre, 39 of Carmi, was arrested on November 23 for a warrant out of Hamilton County on a failure to appear, another warrant out of Williamson County for a failure to appear and for driving without a valid drivers license as he was a suspended driver. His bond was set at $550.