White County Treasurer Pamela Armstrong issued a lengthy report to the county board last week about her office is dealing with the long delays in getting property tax bills mailed out to residents.

Armstrong was unable to prepare tax bills and get them into the mail until Supervisor of Assessments Terry Abell completed her work.  

In recapping the “crazy tax year,” Armstrong stated that the tax files didn’t roll into her office until the middle of December 2020. In light of the lateness of receiving the files, Armstrong said she was committed to taking prepayments through Dec. 31, 2020 so taxpayers would be able to deduct them off their 2020 income tax returns. As long as prepayments were being accepted, the generation of the 2019 taxes, payable in 2020 could not begin.

“Last year, our prepayments totaled approximately $63,000 compared to $6 million this year,” Armstrong said. Unfortunately, with the large influx of prepayments came a glitch.

“When I ran the Prepayment Report to reconcile the amount of money in the bank, there was a huge discrepancy,” Armstrong said. “A DevNet representative was able to come to our office on Jan. 12 and the following week on Jan. 19 to help figure out why the Prepayment Report was missing several payments and others were included that shouldn’t have been. Once IT was able to explain how the errors occurred and how to...

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