With a headline like this one, you might expect to read an article about how a levee district finally convinced the government to free-up some cash to keep flood waters out of our agricultural bottom land. Yeah I know, that is not going to happen. So I guess instead I will tell you a story about another kind of victory on the levee.

For decades, my very good friend John Caldwell was the foremost outfitter in the Midwest. I know of nobody that has been responsible for more successful turkey hunts as an outfitter, guide and hunter as this man. He has since retired from the outfitting business and is now just like the rest of us…he loves to get with gobbling toms in the spring.

John has spent a long winter taking care of his wife who is very ill and waiting to get on the transplant list for a new kidney. His time has been consumed with this, so I told him I would take care of him come turkey season. I told him I would find some birds, do the scouting, get a blind ready and call and film for him. He gladly accepted.

When I told him I had managed to accomplish the above list he was very pleased. When I told him we would be hunting the Mississippi River levee, like we used to do in the “good ole days,” he seemed less pleased. He was worried that high water in the Great River would move the birds to higher ground. I assured him my homework had been done and that we would be OK.

We arrived early and John was glad to see that the blind I had prepared for us was spacious and well hidden. “I wish I had this 30 years ago,” he said. John went into the blind as I set the two decoys. I put a strutting jake decoy about half-way up the levee at 15 yards. I put a hen almost at the top. John should easily be able to kill a tom strutting atop the levee at about...

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