Shift oversight from Elected School Boards to unelected, dark-money groups

With less than three weeks of the Spring Legislative Session remaining, the Democrats are rushing hundreds of bills through the legislative process – often at such short notice that the public lacks the opportunity to read, let alone weigh in on, these sometimes radical proposals. One of these bills, Senate Bill 818, is an unfunded mandate for sex education in grades K-12 for public and charter schools.

Under current law, elected school boards decide whether or not to offer sex education programs in grades 6-12. While the state provides guidelines stressing the importance of marriage and abstinence, local school boards are the ultimate authority for classroom content.

Senate Bill 818, would change that, shifting control over appropriate sex-ed content and standards from locally elected officials to a group that calls itself the “Future of Sex Education,” comprised of several politically motivated liberal groups.

One of these groups, the Sexuality Information and Education...

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