In the very unlikely event that someone decides to write a story about my life, I sure hope they print the more interesting parts in very fine print. And to that point, I honestly believe that in today's “all caps” society, it's not all that bad to be living a “lower case” life.  Here's what I mean.

Our son-in-law, Dr. Kyle Kakac works as an emergency room physician near Nashville, Tennessee. It is certainly a high stress job where he literally has to make life and death decisions every day. Add that to raising a family in the one of the fastest growing cities in America and you have a recipe for developing  stress-related health problems.  I believe that's why he enjoys coming back to Southern Illinois as often as possible to visit a farm he bought several years ago. His farm – known as Rolling Acres -  is where we live, and enjoy keeping mowed and landscaped. It's literally a labor of love.

One of Kyle's colleagues once asked, “What in the world is there to do when you go back to that farm?”. Kyle responded...

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