More than a year into pandemic, I am amazed about how many people still think COVID-19 is a hoax and the vaccine that prevents it is some sort of government plot. My latest encounter with a non-believer came last week during a visit to a local store.  

I walked into this particular retail store and headed back to the paint department. I was met by a nice employee leaning on a shopping cart. “Your bad hip acting up again?” I asked him. “No,” he answered. “I'm just now getting over a bad case of stomach flu and I'm so weak, I can barely walk.” He wore no mask and when I asked if he thought he may have contracted COVID-19, he laughed. “Nah – just the flu.” When I asked if he had gotten a Covid-19 vaccine, he snapped, “No way I'm getting that shot. I was in the military and they shot me up with God knows what. I still don't know what they gave me. No way I'm getting that stupid shot.”

Since no one forced me to shop at that particular establishment, I secured my mask a bit tighter, turned around and left. My wife has cancer, and the “stomach flu” or whatever he had is not something I needed to bring home to her. I still don't understand why some people don't understand the concept of staying home when you're sick. Hopefully, no one that came in contact with that particular employee came down with his “stomach flu”, which may or may not have actually been the flu.

Just the other day, a friend forwarded an email to me that contained...

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