The New Year

By Erin Zinzilieta-Pennington

As a teacher, I often live my life in semesters. My plans are usually indicated by day, week, and semester and then finally year. However, everyone has the option of that fresh start feeling on any given day. It is important to stop and reflect before the year begins and assess your life.

Before ringing in 2020, I will be giving thanks for 2019 and all the events in it, both good and bad. I am not a big fan of New Year Resolutions because I have the ability daily to set goals for myself. However, I will look over the past year and ask what I got accomplished and what I could improve upon in the future. I will also set small reasonable goals that can be achieved in a short amount of time, like clean out the spare bedroom, or something similar, nothing too earth shattering.

For me, life is ever evolving. There are always things I want to do like make a new recipe, sew another project, or write another article. I am constantly in motion; I think mainly due to nervous energy, but I tend to get a lot accomplished. One of the saddest things I see is people who give up far too young. They quit dreaming, wanting, doing, being, simply because life can be tough.

I don’t have any big answers about the universe, but if I had to give any advice I would say… don’t stop. Don’t stop doing whatever it is you want to do, as long as it has a positive outcome. My daughter often uses me as a sounding board and she will say, “Mom, what do you think about…?” or “Mom, do you think I could…?” I will always be her biggest supporter. I hear her out and really listen to what she has to say and then we discuss the options. I am a firm believer in…if you want something bad enough…you can make it happen.

 In 2020, ask yourself…what do I really want? What would you like to achieve or accomplish? Then develop a plan of attack to get it. Dreams without a plan are just a wish. Dreams with a plan can become reality. In closing, I wish all my reader’s faith, health, love, happiness,peace and prosperity in 2020. May the New Year be all that you hoped and more.