Charity Stripe Proves to be Foe Again for NCOE

 The Norris City-Omaha-Enfield Fighting Cardinal kept their non conference play alive Tuesday evening when they played host to the Wayne City Indians.  Already falling victim to the Indians in the Christopher Turkey Tournament in semifinal action, the Fighting Cardinals were hoping to have better fate this time around.

 It appeared the game plan NCOE came to play with was going to be very effective as the two teams battled back and forth the whole first 8:00 until the Indians were able to claim the one point lead, 8-7, as the buzzer sounded. This disciplined, slow paced momentum would continue throughout the second quarter of play as both teams would add nine points to their total to keep the Fighting Cardinals facing a one point deficit heading into the locker room at halftime.

 Following intermission, NCOE began to falter.  Third quarter action would witness the Indians going on a 17-7 run to find the Fighting Cardinals facing their biggest deficit of the game thus far at 11 points.  The fourth and final stanza would witness NCOE falling behind by 13 points before they came to life.  At this time the Fighting Cardinals would stage their own come back and narrow the Wayne City lead to just two points with less than two minutes remaining.  At this time, some costly turnovers and missed free throws  would give Wayne City all the momentum they would need to pull off the 46-38 victory.

 Scoring for the Fighting Cardinals (10-5) was led by Ty Money with 15 points followed by Joe Melton with 11 points.  Others scoring for NCOE were Trey Simmons five points, Preston Long three points, and two points each for CJ Richardson and Eli Brown.

 Coach Jordan Johnson's Jayvee squad returned to action and picked up right where they left off as they outscored Wayne City in three of the four quarters of play to claim their sixth victory of the season on eight tries by the final score of 41-33.

 Jake Rush led the Jayvee scoring with 10 points followed closely by Cord Tucker with with eight points.  Others scoring for the Fighting Cardinals (6-2) were Cole Roberson and Preston Long with seven points each, Joel Hortin six points, and Aryon Jolley three points.


            1      2       3      4    Final

W.C.      8     9      17     12      46

NCOE    7     9       7     15      38



             1       2      3      4     Final

W.C.       6      8      9     10      33

NCOE    8     13     12     8       41