In the 35 years that CWCHS has had a varsity girls tennis team, Marie Blankenberger has now become the 39th team member to qualify for the State Tournament, by finishing 3rd in singles at Sectionals. She is only the 3rd girl’s team member, to qualify to State in singles, ever.  2019 is the 15th year that Chris Courty has been the head coach of the girl’s team and he has now developed 14 girls State Qualifiers.  The team finished the regular season with a new record number of team victories of 26 and this boosted Coach Courty over the 200 win’s mark.

Other notable accomplishments by the 2018 team are: The team won the Marion Invitational for the 3rd year in a row and won the Fairfield Invitational.  In addition the team met, for the first time ever, Greenville, Chatum-Glenwood and Vienna and defeated all three.  They ended the regular season with a 5th place  finish in a ten-team Sectionals (5-4). Marie Blankenberger was selected as the team’s MOST VALUABLE PLAYER, and Jasmine Smith was named the team’s MOST IMPROVED.

Marie Blankenberger: Career records: 5th most wins (85), 5th most singles wins (36), 6th most doubles wins (49), 15th best win pct. in singles (.654), 14th best win pct. in doubles (.700), 15th best win pct. combined sgl/dbl (.680/85-40), 10th most singles matches played (55), 9th most doubles matches played (70), 8th most matches played (125). Single Season records: 7th most singles wins (31), 26th best win pct. in singles (.812), 2nd most singles matches played (23).  Jasmine Smith: Single Season records:  9th most wins-31, 7th most singles wins-16, 24th most doubles wins-15, 19th best win pct. singles-.842, 24th best win pct. doubles-.833, 24th best win pct. sgl/dbl-.838, 11th most singles matches played-19, 28th most doubles matches played-18.

Jerry Wright

Tennis historian