The Carmi Bulldogs suffered a loss against Fairfield Mules


The Bulldogs fought hard, but just couldn’t get the offense to push through Fairfield’s impressive defense, Luke Simon didn’t go down without a fight though managing to push through 43 yards just by himself, with Isaac King and Kit Harris adding 40 between the two. The Bulldog defense definitely struggled against the Fairfield Mules allowing them to accumulate almost 400 offensive yards. The defensive line gave their best effort in standing their ground against the Fairfield monster linemen. Our secondary players gave it their all but weren’t able to keep up with the passing either. Kit Harris had a huge sack for a loss of 14 yards and gave the Bulldogs the momentum they needed to stop the Mules in their tracks. Linebacker and Runningback Luke Simon was in the mix of a lot of plays on both offense and defense. Luke Simon says, “They’re a good team. We could be quicker off the ball, but overall just had a rough day. We have Eldorado next week and that should give us a good chance to hopefully get a win.” One moment that brought the stands to laughter was after a play, Luke Simon’s shoe was pulled off his foot and he was unaware that he had lost it. After week 2 Ty Stubblefield leads the team in tackles with 11, 10 solo, 1 assisted. The JV team played their hearts out on Monday March 29, but weren’t able to secure the victory over the Fairfield Mules. 

The final score ended up being 62-32, with the Mules on top. The Varsity  Bulldogs meet the Eldorado Eagles at Home on Saturday April 3, and JV away on Monday April 5 at 6:15, no information is available yet about the public audience attending the games.